Info – Baby & Infant Massage Classes

The word ” Massage ” originates from the Arabic word meaning to ” stroke ” and there are historical accounts of massage being used in ancient civilisations as far back as 3000 years.

We don’t know exactly where the practise of baby massage originated from but it has been part of some cultures for many years being passed down from generation to generation.

Research has shown that baby massage can also help to alleviate post-natal depression and anxiety about being a new mum . It helps to create a stronger bond between babies and mother during this stressful time.

Benefits of Baby massage for baby and parents/ carers are :

  • It allows you both to have ” time out ” from your day and have some one-to-one bonding time.
  • It stimulates the production of the ” feel good ” hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin.
  • It enhances baby’s awareness  of their own bodies.
  • It supports a healthy immune system and promotes good circulation.
  • There is a faster weight gain therefore low birth-weight babies may benefit by an increase in appetite.
  • Helps to ease the discomfort of Colic and Wind, Constipation, Fractious crying, Teething and helps babies to sleep better
  • and there are so many more benefits….


You can find the class dates for each group in the Menu or simply click here to book a class of your choice


Frequently asked questions :

  • At what age can I start classes to learn baby massage ?
  • There are no hard and fast rules about the minimum age for coming to class although some babies may find structured massage a bit overwhelming and stimulating in the first few weeks…you may find sitting crouched over uncomfortable if you have had a caesarean .. and sometimes parents are still getting into a daily routine and may be a bit tired themselves. Most parents find that 6 weeks is a good time to have settled into a bit of a routine.


  • How long does the massage class last ?
  • Generally classes run for an hour but we will not be massaging for the full hour and they are very much baby-led. Classes are very relaxed with lots of interactive chat and fun. If baby is fed up or hungry then you would just stop and feed, change or give them a cuddle.


  • What if I can’t remember all the strokes or words to a song ?
  • Don’t worry, there is no pressure to remember everything  perfectly. You learn by practise in class then at home in-between classes when practising on your baby at bath-time or any time that you can relax together undisturbed … plus you will have a handout of notes each week covering the movements in bite sizes rather than a whole sequence to memorise.


  • Do I have to sing in class ?
  • Not at all … some people are very shy or don’t like singing. You can sing along during certain movements to interact with baby and make it more fun … or not …or do it in the privacy of your own home….entirely up to you.


  • Will I have to provide anything ?
  • Nothing at all other than your babies requirements. I have a lovely baby yoga mat with paper towelling and a cushion for you to sit on. I will provide a small bottle of oil for you to use in class and at home. You will also receive a small handout of notes covering the strokes that we practise each week.


  • What is the cut off point for the baby and Infant massage class …. should I try the Baby Reflexology class instead once my child is a certain age?
  • I will run separate classes for newborns which will be by arrangement with me at the Centre as ideally babies should wait until they have had their 6-8 week check. Please ask about Home classes if this suits you better.
  • Babies from 6 weeks to crawlers generally around 4-6 months
  • Babies from 6 months to a year old
  • Infants from a year up to two years old.
  • You can start the Baby Massage and Baby Reflexology at any age.
  • You can start off with the Massage then when the course is complete move onto Reflexology …or just go straight to Reflexology if required especially if you have already done Baby Massage.


  • How many classes will I need to attend and how much does it cost …is it a lump sum or paid weekly … I have twins, can my Partner join us and will it be extra ?
  • The classes run for 4 weeks on a Sunday from 10.30am till 11.30am. They are paid in advance for the entire course. The full course fee is £50. Classes are small so plenty of time.


  • You can take turns in attending the class or Dad’s are welcome to come and watch but space may be limited in the room at the Rosemount Centre. I have space there for 5 Mum’s and babies plus myself. I may hold larger groups in a hall elsewhere at a later date but happy to work with smaller intimate groups at the moment. I feel that it is a good number for friendships to form.


  • You are both welcome to come along at no extra charge if you have twins but your Partner would need to come with you as I will be busy demonstrating on my baby doll ” Tony “


  • Will there be space for my buggy / pram and somewhere that it will be safe ? … are there any stairs to go up or somewhere to park ?
  • I am holding the classes at the Centre on a Saturday so that you can leave your Buggy’s/ Prams and bags safely in one if the rooms with the reception door locked. You will be able to walk through easily from our room to Reception.
  • There are no stairs to climb as the Centre is on ground level with easy access as both main doors open wide.
  • There is usually street parking nearby or you can park in the Denburn car park and walk up. Street parking is free on a Sunday.


  • What can I use to massage my baby after class?
  • When should I massage my baby … how will I know if it’s the right time?
  • Should I massage every day?
  • Are there any times I shouldn’t massage ….or is it okay if Dad or someone else gives him the massage if I’m tired or busy ?
  • Don’t worry … all of these questions and more will be answered and discussed in class. Remember baby massage is a time for relaxing, bonding, having fun … and classes are also about interacting and having fun with other parents !!


  • Dates for the classes running this year are on another page- just look in the MENU.