Mind-Based Therapies

2 hour session for Stopping Smoking £95
2 hour session for Stopping Drinking ( cutting down if you have a drinking problem) £95
1 hour single Weight loss Hypnotherapy for specific cravings £65

HypnoBand ( Virtual Gastric Band) and HappyWeight Programmes combined with Reflexology and CBT – all info on my other website –

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy , Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy to assist with fertility, infertility issues, self-esteem, fears and anxieties.

Our thoughts affect the way that we feel and they affect our enthusiasm for life, and so it is vital to understand how our thinking can have a positive or negative effect on our lives. We often feel hopeless and worthless, but we can take control and change our lives by being aware of our thoughts and moods !!

These therapies can be used separately or combined with one another to challenge our negative thinking patterns , and re-programme our minds to think in more positive uplifting ways.They work by releasing old fears, out-dated habitual thinking patterns and beliefs, thereby enabling and empowering you to make the necessary changes to become the person that you want to be.

Hypnotherapy is a very relaxed state of mind and body and you are fully in control at all times. We use Visualisations to help you to imagine or remember certain things. In this way, we access the ‘Unconscious or Subconcious Mind’ and are able to re-programme your mind to think in a more positive uplifting way.

Cognitive Behavioural therapy is a very relaxed interactive therapy where we sit and discuss your concerns and fears, and work through ways that you can let them go and move on in your life with a more positive way of thinking.

The Emotional Freedom Technique uses tapping movements along with eye movements while saying certain phrases. In a nutshell, this confuses the way that your brain processes the information and the anxiety, fear or anger. It’s remarkably easy to learn and very effective.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Hypnotherapy can be very helpful when dealing with Postpartum Anxiety ( used known as Post-natal depression)

1 hour session of Hypnotherapy £65
1 hour session of CBT £95
1 hour session of EFT £65
2 hour combined session of Hypnotherapy and CBT £95
2 hour combined session of Hypnotherapy and EFT £95
Special CBT Package of 1 hour sessions once you have had an initial 2 hour session with me – to be fully paid and booked at first session –5 x 1 hour sessions for the price of 4 £260
Special CBT & Reflexology Package for working on issues relating to fertility , fears etc – must be paid in full and sessions booked – 5 x 2 hour sessions for the price of 4 £460